"The perfect gift for anyone who loves wine....."
Napa Valley Register

"Malcolm Kushner has done the often too stuffy world of wine a favor by writing the long awaited book Vintage Humor For Wine Lovers."
Darryl Beeson,

"Actually, I usually start laughing after I drink the wine, as I get all giggly from alcohol. But this book is so clever that I started Laughing before I drank anything."
Madelyn Miller (AKA The Travel Lady)

"Want a witty retort to a snobby wine waiter? Want a funny toast for your next family gathering? Want to learn what researchers found when they studied whether wine drinkers or beer drinkers had bigger bellies? It's all in the book."
Beverage Business

"...plenty of chuckles...."
San Jose Mercury News

"I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."
Nick Tomassi, Wine Cabinet

"Absolutely hilarious, but don't assume it's merely a book of wine humor. The book also covers the history, philosophy and culture of wine down through the ages. A must-read for any lover of wine."
Richard Best, The Frugal Oenophile

"It gave me enough amusement to easily justify its price. Ten bucks could otherwise buy you a fairly pedestriam bottle of Chardonnay."
California Wine and Food

Vintage Humor For Wine Lovers

"The world's first complete book of wine humor."

It contains hundreds of funny quips, quotes, definitions, anecdotes and news items about mankind's favorite beverage. Plus wine cartoons from The New Yorker. Topics cover everything from health, romance and restaurant service to tasting and toasting.
  • Snappy retorts to snooty waiters
  • How to talk at a wine tasting
  • Experiments with radioactive wine
  • Politically correct wine etiquette
  • Thoughts on wine from Mark Twain and Groucho Marx to Erma Bombeck and Jerry Seinfeld
  • And lots, lots more
    Just open the book anywhere and start laughing. A must-have for anyone with an interest in wine. And that's no joke!
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