"I just spent a few very enjoyable and laughing hours going through your book and some of its references. This is a tool that can make even the dullest person seem interesting and amusing."
George Blumenthal, Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz

"I've had clients and public speaking seminar participants literally begging me for a resource like this.† 'Allen, can't you help me learn how to be funny?'† Now I can say, 'Yep.† Read this!'"
Allen Weiner, President, Communication Development Associates

"At its core the book is a carefully screened listing of over 90 websites that include visual and oral humor generators. The real value, however, is that it goes beyond a barebones listing and includes observations and suggestions from a top humor consultant on how to use each site, with examples showing you how to get the most from each website. In fact, there's enough "stealable" material from the examples alone to justify the cost of the book."
Robert Skovgard,
Founder and Editor,
The Executive Speaker

"Absolutely wonderful! A great tool for adding some life to those skull numbing PowerPoint presentations we all have to sit through.† In addition to the extremely useful 'how-to' tools Kushner provides, his witty writing will have you laughing hysterically as you read through the book looking for ways to use everything he describes."
David Cohen,
Managing Editor,
Hitachi Data Systems

"I started reading the book and went to one of the web sites. Before I realized it, I had spent hours downloading material with a big smile on my face and saying to myself, 'My students will think Iím the funniest professor in the whole school.'"
Ken Sereno,
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California

Want to use humor but you're not funny?
This is the book for you!

Ever attended a meeting where the audience was bored to tears? Endless PowerPoint slides flashed across a screen. And everyone couldnít wait to leave. Unfortunately, you were the presenter.

It doesnít have to be that way. Just a touch of humor can make your presentations more interesting and help you connect with your audience. Canít tell a joke? Not ďnaturally funnyĒ? No problem. Donít Worry, Be Funny was written for you.

The book contains links to web sites that automatically generate humorous material that you can easily customize. Want an example? One of my favorites is the Einstein Dynamic Photo Generator. Go to the web site and youíll see a photo of Albert Einstein writing on a chalk board. The site lets you key in whatever words you choose so it looks like Albert Einstein wrote them on the board. Then you can download the image and use it in a PowerPoint presentation.

This is a great tool for anyone who has to present a formula; for budgets, for projects, for training programs, for anything. Just make an equation using the first letters of the words you want to emphasize. Then say that itís Einsteinís other formula.

For example, say youíre presenting a budget to an audience who will inevitably demand additional resources. Start out with a PowerPoint of Einstein at the chalk board writing the formula B=TSFYP. Then tell them, ďEveryone knows E=MC2. Most people donít know Einsteinís second most famous formula B=TSFYP. Budget = Too Small For Your Project.Ē That will defuse them in advance and pave the way for a much smoother discussion of your budget numbers.

Iíve spent hundreds of hours on-line to identify these types of web sites. And Iíve included links to the best ones in Donít Worry, Be Funny. Iíve also included tips, tricks and examples for using these web generators to create easy-to-use humorous material. Remember: Anyone can use this type of humor successfully. You donít have to be able to tell a joke. And your audience will definitely appreciate your effort.

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      "Many business speakers want to use humor but can't tell jokes or think of funny ideas. This book is perfect for them. The web sites create the material and much of it is visual. So the speaker can show it in PowerPoint and get a laugh without saying anything. That's what I call a competitive advantage." M.R. Rangaswami,
      Managing Director and Co-founder, Sand Hill Group

      "Audiences today expect multimedia. And they expect entertainment included with the message. Your book makes it easy for a speaker to meet those expectations without stress, and that allows them time to spend on crafting the content of the message."
      Allatia Harris,
      Vice President of Instruction, Dallas County Community College District
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